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Export products to China

Main components

1. Market

  • The ability to enter
  • Import Analysis
  • Competitors
  • Taxes, duties, quota
  • Pricing structure
  • Product testing
  • Brand positioning
  • Documents, licenses, labels
  • Analysis of logistics

2. Sales channels

  • The main sales channels
  • Input costs
  • Supply
  • “Rules of the game”

3. Partners

  • Top 10 Importers
  • Meeting with distributors
  • Negotiations with retailers
  • Checking customers
  • Brokers
  • Logistics companies
  • Warehouses

4. Entrance

  • Point of entry
  • Transportation
  • Customs
  • Quarantine bureau
  • Local operations
  • Brand promotion

5. Law

  • Legal support
  • Contracts
  • Standards and rules
  • Trademark
  • Checking partners
  • Resolving disputes

6. Support

  • Representatives
  • Negotiation
  • Exhibitions
  • Translators
  • Lawyers
  • Logistics specialists
  • Promoters
  • Secret buyers
  • Virtual office

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Negotiations with the top 10 Chinese importers for a given product group

The aim of any producer and exporter – to find a reliable importer in China. What could be more effective partner who is already engaged in the import of goods and your group is the top-10 in this particular direction? If you do not seek to establish its own import company in China, it is one of the surest steps.

Guaranteed meeting with the real importer of the goods by the target group – this is what you need! It is looking for all! We know this, and know how to organize such a meeting. Food Connect helps partners to prepare and negotiate with the people who make decisions.