What is necessary for the import and resale of products in China?
  • Check restrictions on the type of product and the country of origin (for example, meat products banned for import to China from Russia, some groups have limitations.
  • Properly designed and qualitative accompanying documents meet the requirements for the importation of these products in China. List of documents varies slightly depending on the group of goods.
  • The correct labels (counter-labels), designed and translated in accordance with the customs legislation of China.
  • Importer with well-formed supply contract. Importers must have a license to carry out import operations and a license for the type of product, if required by Chinese law (eg, alcohol).
  • Register exporter and importer in the Chinese customs authorities.
  • Broker.
  • The package of documents furnished by the importer.
  • Product compliance with quarantine control in China (chemical and micro-biological composition of the ingredients according to the group norms).
At what point glue labels? Before sending or already in China customs?

There are pros and cons of each option. We recommend gluing to send, but subject to prior approval of the label in the authorized bodies. Option plywood still remains, but from experience it is cheaper, faster and safer. For example, in Shanghai goods released from customs until they are aligned and glued labels. This in turn implies a fairly high costs of downtime in port. In Guangzhou on this issue easier, but there are other difficulties.

We need a company that will prepare all the necessary customs documents, will facilitate the passage of customs, participate in all of the issues raised. At the same time, our company is the importer. Can FOOD CONNECT help?

Yes. We provide these services, including the functions of broker and assistance in dealing with emerging issues, provided preliminary study of all the preparatory questions.

What documents should be in our Chinese companies to import, sell food on their own? You need any licenses?
  • The company’s license indicating the type of activities such as the sale of food.
  • Certificate confirming the receipt of the code of the company in the Chinese registry.
  • License to work with food.
  • The license for the import / export operations.
  • Registration with the tax authority in China.
  • Document confirming the opening of a bank account in China.